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Facts about Langweil model

Author of the model: Antonín Langweil
Time of origin: 1826 -1837
Measuring scale: 1:480
Number of the roofs: 13400
Number of the chimneys: 9100
Number of the numbered houses: 2500
Area of the model: ~ 20m2
Number of the objects of the green vegetation
(trees, bushes) ~ 5400
Number of the operators working on the 2,5D model ~ 62
2,5D model – working time in hours ~ 9400
Number of the operators of the 3D modelling ~ 110
3D models – working time in hours ~ 8100
Number of the photos from the robotic
scanning of the model ~ 244000
Number of the camera shutters destroyed
during the scanning ~ 3
Hard disc space necessary for storing
the data from the scanning ~ 8TB
Hard disc space for the model processing ~ 20TB
Number of the CPUs used ~ 48